Students may wish to discuss these questions with their parents:


Opportunities for practice – Is there someone with whom I could practice one of these languages?

Travel interests – Do I have a special interest in traveling where one of these languages is spoken?

Vocational interests – Is knowledge of one of these languages helpful in the careers I am considering?

Family heritage – Am I interested in speaking the language of my relatives or ancestors?

Personal interest – Am I especially attracted to one of the languages or to the culture of the people who use it?

Class Information
  • Spanish
    Mrs. Mihalyi - 7th grade/8th grade
    Miss Swaer - 7th grade/8th grade

    Students use their written and conversational skills to complete projects about food, school, schedules, clothing, family, body parts, weather, sports, travel and leisure activities. More time is devoted to the study of countries where Spanish is spoken. At the end of the year, eighth grade students are invited to participate in a culturally based field trip.

    Resources can be found in the "Learning Links" under "Media Center"

  • German

    The 7th-grade German course will introduce students to the basics of the language and culture. The learning objectives include familiarizing students with basic vocabulary topics of “About me,” school, and free time activities. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the production of a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale with their class.


    8th-grade German students will continue to build on the basics learned in 7th grade. This year will also prepare students for the high school World Language program. Upon successful completion of the year, students will be prepared to enter German II in high school.  Units of study include a review of 7th grade, Meine Familie, Rotkäppchen, Freizeit, Reisen, Schneewittchen, and Essen.