Forward Exam Tips for Parents
  • Reduce Test Anxiety
    Make sure your child knows he or she is not expected to know everything. Encourage your child and praise them for giving their best. Remind them that the test is a chance to show what he or she knows and will help the teachers help them. Encourage positive self-talk.
  • The Day Before
    Continue the usual routines at home and avoid discussing topics that may be upsetting to your child. Consider talking about the test to reassure and encourage your child, however don't dwell on the subject. See that your child gets to bed at a reasonable hour to ensure that they are well rested on the testing days.
  • The Morning Of
    Start the day on a positive note. Have your child get up early enough to avoid rushing. Have your child eat a good breakfast. Have him or her dress in something comfortable. Make sure your child has everything they need, such as two sharpened #2 pencils and a calculator. Make certain your child will arrive to school on time.
  • Test Taking Tips
    Listen to and read all directions carefully. Scan test over to help determine how much time to spend on each question. Don't be afraid to skip questions that are difficult. Start by answering the questions you know and then go back to those that are more challenging for you. If you are not sure about how to answer a particular question, start by ruling out the choices you know are not correct. Also, don't be afraid to make educated guesses. Use all the time given for each section. Manage your time. Don't rush, but pace yourself. After you've completed your test, check your test over to make sure you answered all questions and have not made any careless mistakes when marking your answer sheet.