Volunteers Needed!

GMS Hawk I's are the parent booster organization for the middle school. Our volunteer organization
sponsors events throughout the year that give the students opportunities to meet and socialize with all
grades in a supervised environment. Such activities include:
Rollerskating Night at IncrediRoll
Movie Nights
Annual Talent Show
Through the profits made from Spiritwear sales and the school store which we operate, we are able
to disburse funds throughout the year to help with the "extras" that are unexpected or not
budgeted that benefit students and teachers.
Teacher Appreciation Brunch
Bus Transportation
Camp Middle School
Tree planting in honor of Ruth
Annual Prom Donation
8th Grade Graduation Party
Teacher Conference Sub Dinners
Greenfield Arbor Day Donation
As a volunteer parent organization, we are always in need of and greatly appreciate any time that you can
give us during the year. Attached is a volunteer sheet that will be used to compile a pool of volunteers
to draw from for upcoming events.